Pairing 01

Venamour Botanical Wedding Suite & Ballyfin

Image by KT Merry

The delicate and intentional florals of the modern Venamour Botanical Wedding Suite make it perfectly suited for the Irish country house, Ballyfin – a centuries old property complete with a glass conservatory and 600 wooded acres. We love styling this suite with wild and whimsical florals to play against the Regency-style architecture of Ballyfin’s buildings. An elevated take on floral wedding stationery, these Venamour botanics infuse modern romance into an otherwise historic setting.

Pairing 02

Hand-Lettering Wedding Suite & Giardino del Merlo

Image by Elisabetta Redaelli

The smooth script that flows across the Hand-Lettering Wedding Suite lends itself to the effortlessly beautiful hills surrounding Lake Como. Giardino del Merlo sits on the steep rocks below a 16th century castle overlooking the lake. We love seeing this setting accented with unexpected floral installations and the simplicity of the evening stars. The breezy black and white script of this suite mirrors the ebb-and-flow of the lake above.

Pairing 03

Minimal Wedding Suite & Prospect House

Image by Mint Photography

Less is more when it comes to the Minimal Wedding Suite, marked by crisp lettering on a clean canvas. It pairs perfectly with a venue reflective of that type of simplicity, such as Texas’ Prospect House – a white walled, window filled venue in Dripping Springs. Style this suite with a non-traditional, modern dress and effortless greenery for just a touch of color.

Pairing 05

Elemental Wedding Suite & St. Joseph's Guest House

Image by Lara Hotz

The clean lines of the Elemental Wedding Suite add structure to an otherwise eclectic-style wedding. St. Joseph’s Guesthouse, an angular stone building, anchors a delightfully a delightfully layered and intentionally mismatched wedding – complete with blankets on the grass, vintage camp gear, and laid back wedding party attire. We love using this grounding suite to set the scene for the party to come.

Pairing 06

Union Wedding Suite & Gather Greene

Image by Chellise Michael

The intentional, symmetrical look of the Union Wedding Suite is right at home with Scandinavian venues such as Gather Greene – an architecturally driven space in New York’s Hudson Valley. Inspired by Nordic design, we love styling this space with one long, dramatic table accented with untamed florals climbing up the wall.

Pairing 07

Colorblock Wedding Suite & The Grass Room

Image by The Grass Room

Color has taken more of a backseat in design lately, however, this fresh take on a colorful invite is a welcome reprieve. Styled with the LA venue, The Grass Room, the Colorblock Wedding Suite tells the wedding’s story from the first save-the-date sent out. With fully customizable color options to match the elements of your wedding, this suite does the heavy lifting for you.

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