Presenting Vsco & Artifact Uprising

We are only as great as the community behind us. This was true three years ago when we first penned our core values-with little more than an idea and a basement from which to work. And it continues to be the truth we return to in every decision.

In you, we have found that community. You have walked side by side with us as we've grown and you've reminded us to do more and become more at every turn. And it is a responsibility we accept with great care.

Along the way, we've met people who have impacted Artifact Uprising in ways we never could have imagined. Be it serendipity or happenstance, the path to getting to right now has been filled with uncommon whispers to keep going-all in the spirit of building something special. So when those whispers from across the table come from someone who knows exactly the path you're on, you listen. We first met Joel Flory & Greg Lutze-the founders behind VSCO®-three months after Artifact Uprising had launched. What began as a mutual respect for the photography products we were each creating quickly turned to recognizing that we had found kindred spirits in one another, both in vision and values. Six months would come and go and another inspiring conversation would surface-filled with those talks that last for hours, talks of building a new landscape for creativity and storytelling.

We had always asked ourselves, “What if…?"

Kindred Spirits

Today we are honored to announce we are joining VSCO®-a company committed to honoring art and artist. Out of years of friendship and many conversations around shared vision, we've come to collectively celebrate that some journeys in life truly are "better together". We are connected by our common mission to create values-driven companies-defined by the communities and art that make them. We are grateful for their belief in Artifact Uprising, and more importantly, in the stories we all have to tell.

Joining the VSCO family allows Artifact Uprising to reach its fullest potential and grow into the company we've always meant to become. Walking alongside VSCO, we can accelerate innovation and refine the processes and experiences that bring your photos to permanence.

We have great respect for what their team has built and for their steadfast commitment to artists-and we see their same commitment here in the future of Artifact Uprising.

Looking Forward

Artifact Uprising as you know it today is not going anywhere. Decidedly, we will welcome new peers and potential-but the same purpose, people and passion will continue driving the work behind the scenes.

Will things change? Yes. We've always been changing.

But if we are to change, let's change into something the world needs. And if we are to grow, let's grow with great heart. If we are to waver, let's waver because passion begged it from us. And if we are to reach-as we surely hope to-let's reach in the direction of that which is most meaningful.