Watercolor Gift Wrapping

By Fawn DeViney

The inspiration for the watercolor wrapping paper came in equals parts with the Artifact Uprising cards designs by Chelsea Petaja and previous presents wrapped by my nieces & nephews with their artwork and sweet little finger painted paper. With all the artwork that kids create, it's nice to share it in repurposed ways.

What You'll Need

Packing Paper
Watercolor Paint
Paint Brush
Holiday Cheer (cue music)

Gift Wrap, Reimagined

This project came up while in the midst of moving across country. One of the things that didn't make the trek was my carefully curated color-coordinated wrapping paper from years past. But, thankfully I still had my watercolor paint set and a bundle leftover of packing paper.

It just so happens that the sturdiness of packing paper works perfectly for watercoloring. It's strong enough to hold a water based paint and thin enough to wrap presents without the bulkiness or difficulty folding.

Just Add Cheer

I spent an evening with a glass of wine (which maybe made a few red rings on some of the presents as well), festive music and paint. After trying out different designs and techniques (often asking myself, what would Chelsea do?) I left the paper to lay flat over night before the wrapping festivities the following day.

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