Holiday Intentions

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The lady behind Manzanita, Rebecca is an accomplished wedding and portrait photographer and visual and textile designer. She lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and four year old son, the firecracker who keeps everyone around him smiling. This busy bee does it all – Rebecca describes herself as someone who is always on the hunt for time to fit in the many hobbies she has accrued over the course of her life. Most recent fascinations include punch needling and a single line custom drawing venture, a beautiful testament to her talent.

How does your family approach gift giving?

I am the queen of handmade gifts. I have a lot of creative outlets and they come in handy around holiday season. I’ve often printed photos that I’ve taken or hand lettered a friend or family member’s favorite quote before framing it. I think these kind of gifts have a lot of meaning and can sometimes outlast things like pajamas or a blender. My mom has so many gifts that I’ve given her over the years hanging on her walls and it feels really special to see my creativity displayed around her home. I have a plan for her this year that will include the lovely Brass Easel that I am so fond of. I won’t give details yet, in case her eyes find this, but I am really excited about it!

Tell us about your holiday season – what are you making room for?

This holiday season we are in a funny place as we are in a temporary home while our new home is being built. Typically I am the person who loves to decorate and put the tree up early, but since we aren’t really in a place for that I am trying to make room for the deeper meaning of the holidays, which to me is family and community. We may not be able to follow through with some of the traditions that we have made in our home over the last few years, but I am determined not to let that take away from that feeling of gathering that always comes with the holidays and my big family. Don’t get me wrong, as soon as we move into our new home the first thing I am doing is putting up the tree!

Intentions for the season
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