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Bev Weidner is the cheerfully energetic voice behind the food and lifestyle blog, Bev Cooks. Residing in Kansas City, she's the high-energy mom of sweet twins Will and Natalie and wife to Aaron. This foodie is a wiz in the kitchen but also steals our heart with her spunky personality and top notch taste in mix tapes. The jack-of-all-trades blogger describes herself as an indie rock musician in her previous, pre­-high-waisted jeans life. Fun fact you didn’t know about her? She played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in New Mexico in 1995 (her mom wanted us to tell you that).

How do you approach gift giving?

My holiday shopping habits have always leaned toward the “simple is best” mindset. And by “simple is best” I mean more for me. Just kidding! Actually, I almost like the WRAPPING execution more than the gift itself. Julie Andrews had it right when she chirpily sang the lyrics, “…Brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.” YES, Julie. Yes. Although this year my wrapping theme is white, muted greens and aged brass. Don’t tell Julie.

Back to the shopping question, one tradition we’ve started since the gremlins were born four years ago is gifting all the Grandparents an Artifact Uprising Instagram Friendly Book! I pick my favorite Instagram twin photos of the year, organize them into the small, stylish book, and grand-hearts are won. Every year. I’m talking the ugly cry. It’s so great. For the kids, we definitely do fun little do-dads for stocking stuffers. I like to find vintage-esque toys like wind-up chomping teeth or a mini slinky. And an orange. LISTEN, VITAMIN C IS VITAL IN THE WINTER. There’s also the whole, “want, need, wear, read” approach to shopping. I haven’t actually succeeded at that yet, but I’ll let you know if that ever happens. ;) Overall, shopping for someone shouldn’t be a total emotional beating. Space out the purchases, so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Have a goal at the end of each spree — whether it’s Mexican food, or your favorite cozy bar for a glass (or 8) of wine. Keep it fun! Keep it simple.

Tell us about your holiday season — what are you making room for?

I did something a little different this year, as opposed to previous years. Instead of bulking up my work calendar with project after project after project (which is sometimes nice! But not now.) I said “no” to quite a bit, simply to slow down, and keep each day and week manageable and me not stabby. I’m making room for time this holiday season. I need this festive but fleeting era with my kids to feel soft. Not rushed. Before long the gremlins will be in school full time, and I’ll never get these toddlers years back. I can work like a maniac later on. Now? I need open afternoons, and lazy weekend mornings. Room for random movie marathons, another log on the fire and an extra 30 cups of coffee.

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