Where We Stand

The Why

We stand by the feeling of smallness that comes from the towering trees above — for we know that in this place, there’s perspective. We stand by the hardworking hands that meticulously craft together the detail behind every book, print, and frame that passes through our doors. We stand by the stories we tell and the ways they enliven us and bring us back to what matters most. Because of this, we work to protect the great story that connects us all: the story of our land.

Now more than ever, we recognize the permanence of the human footprint on Earth. With this, we want to work with our community to restore and reclaim this place we all call home. If this resonates with you, stand with us by signing your name. For each signature below, we will plant a tree in your honor with help from our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation.

We know this simple act won't change the world overnight, but together - little by little - our small strides become big.

In Partnership With

We’ve reached our goal of planting 4,000 trees! Grateful for the overwhelming support of those in our community.

Trees to be Planted