"I hope that people come away from watching this film feeling closer to their parents or children. I think it can be easy to forget how significant your dad might be in your life and how important that relationship can be." — Jon Glassberg, Filmmaker

Q & A with Dad, Tim Harrington & Daughter, Emily Harrington

Artifact Uprising: What role did Emily play in motivating you to finish the 5.12?

Tim Harrington: Emily has always inspired me — her desire to persevere is incredible. She just kept telling me I could do this route and I started to believe her. I have been on many of her hardest climbs alongside her and watched how she breaks down every move. So I tried to listen to her and do the same. With her encouragement, I knew I could do it.

AU: Did your dad's love for climbing initially spark your interest?

Emily Harrington: I actually became interested in climbing first - after climbing an artificial wall at a festival one weekend. I told him I wanted to do it more and he took me to the Boulder Rock Club and we learned how to climb together.

AU: What did you learn about your relationship with your daughter after watching the film?

Tim: I have always felt that Em and I have a special relationship and seeing it unfold on film just reinforced that. I really enjoyed laughing at us!

AU: Why are you grateful for your father?

Emily: He’s just so curious about everything. He has enthusiasm and a passion that has only grown and not dwindled with age. I think that’s what we should all aspire to as we get older.

AU: Why are you grateful for your daughter?

Tim: Em and I share the desire to live life in the most awesome of ways. Our adventures allows us to do much of that together. I feel very fortunate to have her as my daughter. My wife and I have had such an amazing adventure raising her.

AU: You mentioned "The Year of Awesome" in the film - how is that playing out?

Tim: I just turned 61, so I decided that "The Year of Awesome" has now become "The Years of Awesome"! I am not planning on letting it slow down. There will be more flyfishing, kite surfing, skiing, paragliding, and even more 5:12’s.