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How Humble Design Spreads Hope Through Home

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Humble design volunteer talking to woman in her newly furnished and decorated home

Treger Strasberg never set out to create a nonprofit — nor did she plan to lead a life helping veterans and families experiencing homelessness. All she knew is she wanted to do something for a friend, who in 2009, confided in her that she and her children had no place to go. But as Treger set out to find a space for them to lay their heads, her newfound sense of purpose was met by a sobering reality. She would go home to tuck her own children into their beds; her friend's children would have to lie down on an empty floor.

Treger began collecting items of her own that might make the foreign feel a little more familiar, working tirelessly to source donations however she could. Eventually, through love, intention, and the kindness of many, she furnished and decorated their empty house — and through the gratitude of her friend, found that design can turn a house into a home.

Today, with the help of countless volunteers, Treger's nonprofit, Humble Design, has done for over 7,000 moms, dads, kids, and veterans exiting shelters, what she did for her own close friend. We are honored to partner with Humble Design to help bring a sense of permanence and belonging to many more families, as they finally find that place that feels like home. That's why, for every Poster Print you create between now and November 10, we're donating one to Humble Design to personalize for a family.

How It Works
initial interview with Humble Design in empty home
Humble design volunteer crafting decor for space
woman standing proudly in her newly furnished kitchen

"We should be showing families who need our kindness that we are not different at all; we are all one moment away from a disaster, and we need to be kind to one another."

-Treger Strasberg

instructions noting to create a poster print and Artifact Uprising will donate one for Humble Design to customize for a family
Get Started

Why Humble Design?

Much like Humble Design, we believe in the joy that decor and photos bring to a home. We know that feeling of walking through the front door and being greeted by something familiar — it's a feeling that everyone deserves. By playing a small role in the incredible work Humble Design does day in and day out, we can bring that feeling to thousands who need a place to call home.

Humble design statistics — over 2000 homes designed

The Stories They Tell...

Name Kenyada in white lettering on olive green circular background

"This is the first time in a year that I’ve seen my kids this happy. I thought my son was gonna faint when he saw his room. He didn’t even care that he’s sharing it with his little sister — he took off his shoes and jacket, and climbed right onto his new bed. I was laughing and crying. We just can’t thank Humble Design enough.”

Name Willeen in white lettering on olive green circular background

"We couldn’t even believe it was the same apartment when we walked in. My son said, ‘It looks bigger now with furniture in it! How can that be?’ He’d been saying that he wanted to go back to the shelter because we didn’t have anything, but told everyone the day they did our place, ‘I feel like I could live here forever!’"

Name J in white lettering on olive green circular background

"I just started bawling. I never expected anything like this… I never really cared much about furniture and ‘things’ but this experience was amazing. No matter how much money I make in the future, everything donated to me will always be more precious because of the sentimental value. I cannot wait to give back.’"

Help us spread hope through home.

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