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Your Photos, Your Stories

Behind every photograph, a story. Here’s a look at 5 community favorites.

Nisa Azhar | Malaysia

"We Put Forward Our
Strongest Efforts To Keep The Friendships Thriving."

I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with these girlfriends ten years ago, during my University days. Regardless of our different backgrounds, we clicked instantly from the first time we met. As I grow older, my circle of friends is getting smaller. We now have our own careers, and that means that we have less time to spend together. But through it all we do our best to stay close; we put forward our strongest efforts to keep the friendships thriving. — Nisa

Brett Seay

@brett.seay | Durham, NC

"It Doesn’t Matter If
You Are Related, They
Are Still Known As
Granny And Papa."

My grandparents would tell you that after 64 years of marriage they would surely do it all over again. It doesn’t matter if you are related, they are still known as granny and papa to everyone they meet. Granny’s one wish growing up as an only child was to have a large family. With 4 children, 8 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren, and many others who are honorary family, I think it’s safe to say her wish came true. — Brett

Elizabeth Finch

@beatriceandfinch | Kennett Square, PA

"You Are All Of Those
Things...and Things That
I Never Knew To Hope
For...Never Knew I Needed."

About two seconds ago, you were a toddler. I was waiting for the day when we would have real conversations. I dreamed of a quick witted, opinionated, passionate girl. Now, here you are. You are all of those things and things that I never knew to hope for...never knew I needed. You are learning how to spell and don’t want to stop at mere three-letter words. I watch you pushing the boundaries of what you have always known. I have always resisted change. I have never liked to push beyond that own limit within myself. But now, I find that the heart of a mama knows instinctively when it is time to change itself. And somehow, the boundaries reshape themselves. The words change. The spelling changes. But the love is the same. — Elizabeth

Jonathan Canlas

@jonathancanlas | Oahu, HI

"Because This Photo Proves
That Your Dreams Never
Really Die – They Live On
Through Your Photos."

My dad came from nothing. He grew up in a 10x10’ mud hut in the Philippines where my grandfather — or as we call my Lolo — earned enough money to send one child to school with the idea that whatever that child did, he had to be able to earn enough to help the rest of the family. That child was my dad, who went on to become a doctor. He wanted for me to follow in his footsteps. But his one dream outside of being a doctor was to be a photographer. My dad passed away when I was 20 and never saw me become the person I am today. I’ve had him as long as I’ve not had him now and I know he’d be over the moon that I was not a doctor, but a successful photographer. So why does this mean the world to me? Because this photo proves that your dreams never really die. They live on through your photos and somehow seem to spill over into your future generations. — Jonathan

Mike Smith

@mikesmith | Philadelphia, PA

"This Dock Has Such a
Nook Of My Heart Carved
Out For It."

I took this photo at one of my favorite places in the world, a refurbished dock called Race Street Pier. This dock has such a nook of my heart carved out for it. When I think of days in Philly, I think of sitting here and looking at this exact view — the Ben Franklin Bridge looking towards New Jersey, where I grew up. This photo reminds me of the future; you can’t quite see the end but in my heart I know it leads right back home. — Mike