The Artifact Uprising Guide To Wall Art

We've all been there: Standing on the living room floor, pencil and measuring tape in-hand, staring at a sprawl of framed photographs and trying not to step on that lost nail you dropped while in the same spot yesterday.

Your photos are the keepers of your experiences and countless untold stories – it's only right to give them the front-and-center stage they deserve. But when planning that gallery wall you've been eyeing (okay, gushing over), consider some additional decorative options that offer the same impact without the stress. Follow along as we explore 4 Pin-worthy walls that don't require 19 frames, 3 Saturdays, and countless do-overs.

Once you're inspired and ready to hang, take the first step with our variety of photo frames.

Start Here

Size Up Your Space

Most of us have a tendency to underestimate the size of our walls and – as a result – can land on a frame that's simply too small.

Our tip?

Let measuring your space be step #1. You might be surprised with what you've got to work with.

Look One

Go Big and Go Home


Create a bold look by choosing the right photo and frame size for your wall. Insider tip: bigger is better. Let those great, individual photos shine by hanging them on their own – the Float Frame, pictured here, is a statement piece worthy of your most favorite space.

Already have a stand-alone frame you love? Order a Large Format Fine Art Print, as big as 40x60 and frame it yourself.

Look Two

Gallery Wall Made Easy

If you're still thinking of that gallery wall you saw on Pinterest, go with your gut – but reinvent it! Try an assembly of connected frames for a simple, compelling look.

As you grow, travel and experience, feel free to add to your wall to best fit your life and style at that time.

Pictured (clockwise):
Deep-Set Frame, 30x20 Maple Hardwood, 14x8.5 mat cut
Deep-Set Frame, 11x14 Maple Hardwood, 6x9 mat cut
Deep-Set Frame, 20x20 Maple Hardwood, 12x8 mat cut
Deep-Set Frame, 12x12 Maple Hardwood, 4x6 mat cut

Look Three

Perfectly Paired

Gallery Frame, 20x30 Walnut Hardwood, 15x21 mat cut

The saying proves true – two of a good thing is better than one.Two unique photos from the same event, day, or even color palette will add thoughtful curation to your wall.

Get creative here, and pair two detail shots, or a detail with a portrait. We also suggest choosing one frame color and mat cut and sticking to it.

Look Four

Lean & Layer

Give your home an eclectic feel by leaning and layering your framed photos (we promise it's not cheating).

Stacking frames against a mantle or shelf is a great way to display your art without committing to a hammer and nails.

This option is great for city dwellers who are looking to avoid putting holes in their apartment walls. Hello, security deposit!

Pictured (clockwise):
Gallery Frame, 20x16 White, 7x13 mat cut
Gallery Frame, 11x14 Walnut Hardwood, 6x9 mat cut

Goodbye, Bare Walls

Ready to take on your walls? Despite the pointers, rules and tricks you may have read throughout your wall art journey – there's no right or wrong way to decorate your own space. Take the tips that suit you best, and run with them (preferably without the hammer in-hand).

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