Celebrate Your Year Well Lived

Find the 10 Photos That Shaped Your Year

As we turn the page on a new year, we are quick to dive into lists of resolutions, to-dos, and goals for the year ahead. More often than not, we don’t stop to celebrate the life we’ve lived in the past year. With the start of this year, we want to challenge you to stop and reflect. Best place to start? Through your photographs.

We get it, the endless scroll of your digital photos can be daunting to tackle — but we're here to help. We've put together a guide to help you find some of your most meaningful images from 2018.

A Photo Challenge

Photo 01

Find a photo from the year's greatest adventure – big or small.

Sam Griggs

Photo 02

Find a photo of a significant moment.

Ben Schuyler

Photo 03

What photo makes you feel most alive?

David Guenther

Photo 04

Pick your favorite photo of you and the people you love.

Tim Coulson

Photo 05

Search for a photo of a morning you want to remember.

Paloma Parrot

Photo 06

Find a photo that represents joy.

Jenna Graham

Photo 07

Locate a photo of the people that shaped your year.

Hannah Mcswain

Photo 08

Find a photo of you trying something new.

Ben Schuyler

Photo 09

Identify an image of something you are proud of.

Yuko Hirao

Photo 10

What is a photo that you'll want to pass down for generations to come?

Shari + Mike

Celebrate you.

Not everyone's year looked the same. When we stop to look back at our photos, we are able to find celebration in the moments we've experienced — both big and small.

Know that it is yours to celebrate.

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