Josephine Estelle

There is no better way to start your day than with a coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters located inside Ace Hotel. Take in your surroundings as you savor that perfect first sip before heading across the lobby to Josephine Estelle for a divine shrimp and grits breakfast.

Photo Tip: While Josephine Estelle is delicious for dinner, nothing beats the morning light — it’s complete magic and makes for a lovely photograph (or two!).

Sunday Shop

Once you’re fueled up and ready to go, head over to Sunday Shop. Full of tones and textures, this shop will make you want to walk away with one of everything. The store is conveniently located on Magazine Street surrounded by a variety of cute shops, cafes, and antique stores that are worth popping into.

Photo Tip: The Sunday Shop interior will be a happy place for your lens — you’ll walk away feeling light and airy (and wanting to snap a photo of every pattern you can find!).

French Quarter

New Orleans is known for the French Quarter. Full of beautiful architecture and the world famous Bourbon Street, the Quarter begs for a visit every time. Stop at Carousel Bar for a drink (mimosa to-go anyone?) and make your way up Royal Street for those classic downtown New Orleans views.

Photo Tip: For the very best photo of the French Quarter, stand on the corner of Royal and St. Ann.

NOMA & City Park

Make your way back to Canal Street and hop on the streetcar headed for the New Orleans Museum of Art & City Park — wait to get off until the very last stop. Whether you wander through the sculpture garden, walk through the giant live oaks or stroll through the current exhibition at NOMA, you are sure to leave the park with memories that will last.

Photo Tip: At NOMA, get a photo from the end of the drive (bonus points if the trees are in bloom!). If you’re in the park and find yourself under the oak trees at the right time of the day, the light filters through the spanish moss in an uncanny way – capture it.

1000 Figs

By now you have worked up enough of an appetite from your adventures to enjoy one of my favorite spots in the city. 1000 Figs is a restaurant tucked into a magical oasis of a neighborhood. Perfect for a light Mediterranean lunch, it is a must in my book (be sure to tell them I sent you).

Photo Tip: Take a photo of the exterior from the corner across the street — the neighborhood itself is extremely photogenic — Instagramable to its core.


By this point you’re ready for some live music (something New Orleans does best). Head to the Bywater for a late afternoon drink at Bacchanal. Live music, charcuterie, great wine and a good time await you in their magical little backyard.

Photo Tip: The evening light at Bacchanal is beautiful. Stand on the balcony to capture the energy from above or place yourself in the back to snap a great photo of the band playing. If you’re a foodie, find a table with a solid surface and get a photo of the most lovely charcuterie spread and your carefully selected bottle of wine.

The Ace Hotel & Seaworthy Bar

Head back to Ace for a drink up at Alto, their rooftop bar and grill. The views are incredible, especially at dusk, making it one of the more sought after hangouts in the city (the pool doesn’t hurt either). When you have finished your cocktail and the sun has bid you farewell, make your way five doors down for dinner at Seaworthy. The space and the food are all too delicious, it is the perfect way to end your day (if I do say so myself).

Photo Tip: The Seaworthy was built in the 1830s, so every inch is stunning. Head to the downstairs bar or the main dining room to snap an authentic and charming photo.