iPhone Photography 101 – Part 01

3 Ways to Rethink Your Photo Life

Video by Tim Coulson

The photos we take matter. This, we know. But in a world inundated with likes, follows, and shares — how do we change the relationship with our cameras?
If you’re on a journey towards a healthier photo life, join us. Start with asking yourself the following three questions:

01 Why am I taking this photo?

Each person and experience will have a different "why" — from capturing legacy, to finding connection through sharing, to simple documentation — understand where you land on the spectrum. Do the photos you take bring you joy? Do they feel lasting? Spend the next few days asking yourself this question as you take out your camera; your purpose for pressing the shutter will become clear.

02 Where am I stopping to take photos?

Where do you find beauty? What stops you right in your tracks? Our lenses are drawn to the important in our lives — think about those places that fill you up. Are you documenting the parts of the picture that will mean something years down the road — the parts of the story that are just for you?

03 When am I choosing to take photos?

Maybe you typically stand on the sidelines of an important moment only to wish that you snapped at least one photo. Or perhaps you lean towards over-documenting to then realize that you weren’t completely in the moment at hand. No matter what it looks like for you, how are you finding time to identify the balance between experiencing and documenting? When are you making room to discover what is most important to you?

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