Walnut Block & Prints

Product Details

Wood block size: 3.5 x 3.25 x 7/8"

Includes 10 bordered or full bleed 5 x 5" Everyday Prints (layout chosen in the editor). The block holds 1-6 prints.

This wood block is handcrafted using black walnut reclaimed from the Colorado forests. These trees have fallen due to the invasive feeding patterns of the walnut twig beetle, posing the risk of eliminating the species from the front range of Colorado altogether. Once considered fallen wastewood, we strive to give these trees a new home.

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Shipping Information

Production Time: 3 business days + ship time.


Walnut Block & Prints


This set pairs together our Walnut Print Block and 10 customizable 5 x 5" Everyday Prints. This limited edition Walnut Print Block is handcrafted from reclaimed black walnut found in the Colorado forests. Seemingly considered wastewood, we set out to give new purpose to this timber’s otherwise storied past.