Geo Rail

Product Details

Dimensions: 1x1x4"

Materials: Solid brass, brushed finish

Prints sold separately (holds 1-4 Square or Everyday Prints).

This piece will develop a natural patina over time, but you can choose to keep it bright and shiny with standard brass polish. To avoid fingerprints, handle your Geo Rail with a soft cloth.


Shipping Information

Production Time: 2 business days + ship time


Geo Rail

$38.00 This product is currently out of stock.

Crafted of solid brass, the Geo Rail is the perfect display for your favorite Square Prints or Signature Prints. Made by our friends at YIELD, this weighted print stand is a substantial yet understated addition to any design-lover’s desk.

This product is out of stock. Shop Cork & Brass Print Stand.

$38.00 This product is currently out of stock.

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