Baby Book

Mother’s Day will take on a whole new meaning for my wife and I this year as we welcome our first child into the world. The classic and simple design of the Baby Book is a perfect gift for her to relive those special moments with our new little for years to come.

Wooden Print Hanger With Print

My mom and I live in different states, so there’s no better gift for her than a visual representation of our travels together. The Wooden Print Hanger With Print highlights our favorite pictures in a really bold, beautiful, and timeless way – she’ll love it!

Brass Tabletop Frame

Time spent with family is the most important thing to my mom. This Mother’s Day, I wanted to gift her a tangible reminder of my wedding day to show my gratitude for her support and love along the way. The elevated design of the Brass Tabletop Frame, paired with an image from such a momentous day in both of our lives is the perfect home for my favorite photo of us.

Brass & Wood Display Box

This year, my sister will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day, as a mom herself! Each day since the arrival of my nephew has been full of firsts, with so many little moments captured. I cannot wait to gift her the Brass & Wood Display Box — a perfect piece to display and store her favorite photos of her new little.

Layflat Photo Album

This year, Mother’s Day is all about honoring my grandmother's life. After scanning and digitizing all of her old photo prints, I created a Layflat Photo Album that highlights her story from the time she was a baby, to her life as a daugter, wife, mother, and grandmother. My hopes are that this heirloom album serves as a testament to the life she lived and the love she shared with us all.

Wooden Photo Ledge

My best friend just recently became a mother of three and her life is...busy! This Mother’s Day, I wanted to gift her a daily reminder to slow down and celebrate her accomplishments as a mom. I look forward to gifting her the Wooden Photo Ledge with Everyday Prints, so she can have a beautiful way of displaying sweet moments with her children.