Photo Gifts for Mentors

About Our Gifts for Mentors

We love to show gratitude for the people and moments that shape us, whether it be for the small acts of kindness that surprise us or the big gestures of generosity that cast a meaningful connection. Even more so, we love to see others do the same. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding and showcasing the best mentor gift ideas. Show appreciation for the impactful people in your life with these personalized gifts for mentors.

For the person who has gifted their time, wisdom, and expertise, we suggest creating a personalized Everyday Photo Book. Go the extra mile to show your gratitude by including thoughtful notes and thank you letters on some of the pages. Simply save your notes as a .jpg and upload them into the editor.

Need a more simple gift for your mentor? Gift them The Stories We Tell Scrapbook Album. Designed to be personalized after purchase, this album is a great for a storyteller who loves to craft and create. Filled with engaging prompts, convenient pockets, and interactive add-ons to share the experiences you’ve experienced together.

Our bestselling Brass and Wood Display Box is one of our favorite mentor gifts because it is perfect for including personal photos, anecdotes, and thank you cards. Fill the back slot with up to 50 of your favorite prints and use those prints to preserve the many stories of times you’ve shared.