We get it, good things take time. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and we get ours from you every day; you’re the reason we do what we do. There’s no second-guessing: what’s going to make your project its best are the photographs inside – and the experiences they reflect. Nothing quite compares to a photo that brings you back in time and allows you to share it with others.

A good place to start any photo project is with choosing a theme. Whether you’re creating a photo book, a print set or a gallery wall of framed prints, you’ll want your project to tell a story, so deciding on an overarching concept will do just that. Think of each project you create as becoming an integral part in a series — what will your collection look like now and as it grows? One great photo is all it takes to inspire an entire book or series, so let your thoughts be limitless as you decide on your theme.

When it comes to photo book ideas we love the concept of a yearly theme, such as an annual What Dad Saw photo book for Father’s Day featuring his iPhone photos. This yearly volume could be designed with your kids in mind, as a way to showcase their childhood from his eyes. Or maybe you want to design From Where I Stand — a documentation of places you’ve left your mark. For other book titles to inspire, head here. And check out our Insider's Guide to Building Your Best Photo Book Yet for step-by-step tips from the Artifact Uprising Team.

After you create — share your story for a chance to be featured by us — and, more importantly, inspire others to make something meaningful with their photos.