9 Photo Ideas For Your Best Holiday Card Yet

If choosing a holiday card photo has you in denial of the season, we get it. And we've got you covered – here are 9 easy ideas for a winning holiday card photo. (Consider this permission to skip the snowy, perfectly posed, cable-knit holiday card).

1. If These (bright) Walls Could Talk

No need to wait for a postcard-perfect snow day. Let your card stand out simply with color. It's easy: Just find a bright wall nearby, hop in front of it, and share some bright this year.

2. Welcome The Imperfection: Not Everyone Has To Be Looking At The Camera

You get one person to look at the camera? Feels like a win to us. Skip posed & perfect and welcome sweet imperfection.

3. Give Your Furry Friend The Spotlight

This holiday, put the pressure on your pet (we won't tell!). Send those best wishes from your canine or your cat.

4. Say Yes To Phone Photos: They Print Beautifully

From your phone to their mailbox, send along holiday cheer with the everyday images that made it your best year yet. Can't pick a favorite? Check our our collection of multi-image cards.

5. No Pose, No Problem: Tell Your Story Candidly

Have one of those right-place-right-time photos? Let the ones you love relive that experience by seeing it on your holiday card. Pair your candid shot with the 3-in-1 card - the first holiday photo card that can be repurposed. With perforated seems, the card is a card, a print, and a gift tag all in one!

6. Camera Shy? Get Creative

A little curiosity goes a long way. Put on your thinking cap and find a fun way to send along your wishes this year.

7. Lead With Landscape: Share One Of Your Best Images From The Year

Maybe the ocean is your main muse, or perhaps you can’t help but click the shutter 28 times when the sunset rolls around. Pick your favorite shot and share the beauty.

8. Pass Along Signs Of The Season

If you can't help but snap a photo of the wreath on that red door or the fresh garland above the fireplace, consider sharing your still-life art on your card this year.

9. Overachievers: We Applaud You

Maybe you chopped down your own tree or found the story-book-snowstorm to play in — hats off to you!

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