Starting a new book can be a little daunting – you have a ton of images, which starts out as a whole lot of blank pages. Or maybe you’re crunched for time and want your images to appear in your book without having to place each one. With the new Autofill feature, we’ll help place your images for you. Whether you’re starting with a blank book, or wanting to add to what you’ve already started, Autofill takes any fear out of that first step.

Once you’ve Autofilled your book, you can easily swap photos and layouts, edit photos, and rearrange your photos to make your perfect book. If you’re unhappy with the placement, try reorganizing your album and Autofilling again!

Album sorting

You asked, and we listened: you can now sort your albums (cue happy dance!). Choose to sort your album by date uploaded, date taken, or file name. Album sorting is a great way to ensure your story is told start to finish, especially when combined with Autofill.

Change your product from within the editor

When you started building your book, that 11" x 8.25" Hardcover Book sounded like a great idea, but now that you’re deeper into book-building, you’re feeling a square book would better serve your photos. You can now change the size, color, and dust jacket from within the editor. Working on holiday cards? Change your foil color with ease. Unsure if a black or white frame will look better with your image? Test-drive the colors to find the perfect combination.

Tell your story

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in ten years, you may forget which lake you were standing in front of, or the name of your child’s best friend in Kindergarten. Tell your story for the ages with text layout options, created by our Artifact Uprising design team. We take the guess work out of text placement with suggestions on what looks best.

Wish that text box was just a little bit bigger? Feel free to make boxes bigger, smaller or narrower, and drag them all around the page until the placement is exactly what you envisioned.

Preview your book

“Yes, but what is my book actually going to look like?” This is a question we’ve heard a lot, especially with customers building Hardcover books, who want to see how that front cover image wraps around the spine on the final product. That’s why we’ve enhanced our preview mode so you know exactly how your book will look sitting on your coffee table.

Page through your book from front to back in the new preview. Want to make edits to a page layout? Simply click on the page to jump right back into the editor and make your changes.

See more with galleries

You’re on page 50 of your book, and you’re looking for that one photo of sunset at Manhattan Beach Pier – but you can’t seem to find it scrolling through your gallery. We’ve all been there. Use the expanded view to see more images at once and make hunting for individual photos faster and easier.

PDF Proof for confidence

We know that computer monitors don’t always accurately portray how our images will look in print. Want to be sure your picture’s color profile prints as it should? Check out our PDF proof, available in the menu within the editor, to see how your picture is sent to our printers. Hello, peace of mind.

And more to come...

We have many more improvements we’re excited to share with you in the coming months. Remember, none of this would be possible without your feedback – and we’re grateful for each and every word you share with us!