Spring is here. The short-day-drag is coming to a wrap, and we're on the brink of packing up our winter boots and saving them for next year's adventures. We step outside and are overtaken by all of the bright-and-airy-feels. But what about when we step back inside?

Often times our bedroom decor ends up being an afterthought, but there is great comfort in making your room a space that feels light and inviting. With a spring refresh on our minds, we're bringing you 6 easy tips for lightening your space – and it all starts with your wall art.

Tip 1: Photo Selection

Pictured: 30x40 Gallery Frame in Maple.

Your photographs are an extension of who you are – and the images you choose to fill your space can reflect that. Whether you're drawn to fine art or would love to wake up to photos of your favorite places & faces – be sure to prioritize the images that reflect just that. Worried about taking your mobile photos to print? Take a look at this 30x40 Framed Print, taken by one of our co-founders on an iPhone.

Tip 2: Palette Play

Left: 12x12 Deep-Set Frame in Maple. Right: 20x16 Deep-Set Frame in White.

The color palette of your photos plays a big role in the overall feel of your room. Pastel and neutral color palates will make your space feel instantly light and airy, while also creating a sense of warmth. When it comes to wall decor in a particular room, decide on photos with similarities in the tones. Another way to lighten a room is by choosing photos with simplicity – negative space allows the eyes to relax into open spaces.

Tip 3: Swap It

Pictured: Wood Block + Prints.

Add photo elements to your space that are easy to swap out for seasonality. The Wood Block + Prints features 12 of your favorite photos in a rotating art display (think of each print as a new theme for every month!). When you've enjoyed them all or are simply in need of a night stand refresh, create 12 new photo prints and hold on to your Wood Block.

Tip 4: Simplicity is Key

Pictured: (2) 11x14 Deep-Set Frames in Maple.

If your space is feeling weighed down, you've probably got more than you need. That gallery wall that you didn't quite nail? The photo collage that –now that you look at it – seems a little outdated? Consider this your permission to ditch it. One or two statement pieces draw attention while also leaving negative space on your wall. Keeping your space clutter-free invites energy.

Tip 5: Aim High

Pictured: 40x30 Gallery Frame in Maple. Bedding by Crane & Canopy.

To achieve a sense of airiness within your space, take into account the height at which you hang your art. Wall art creates a focal point within the room, and drawing the eye slightly upwards allows the space to feel more open. When hanging art above your bed, try displaying the frame 6-8 inches above the top of the headboard. But, as all rules are meant to be broken, have a friend hold up the piece of art, then stand back and snap a photo before nailing it to the wall.

Tip 6: The Frame Game

Left: 11x14 Deep-Set Frame in White. Right: 16x20 Deep-Set Frame in White.

When it comes to choosing the right frame and layout for your refreshed space, there are a few tips we've come to love (and we've designed quite a few frames in our day!). The white or maple hardwood frames effortlessly add a lightness to your walls that you can enjoy year round. Designer's tip: selecting a larger mat cut option for your framed print will add a clean, sophisticated look to your creation.