An Artifact Approach to Scrapbook Design

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Close up view of cover from our scrapbook design

You may not fancy yourself a storyteller… and surely, you have your reasons. Was it a Wednesday afternoon English class? Or, simply that the words don't always flow freely from your pen? Whatever your reason, humor us as we say this: Maybe a story is a far cry from our common perception — a matchbox from the restaurant you stumbled into, running from the October rain.

Pick up that matchbox. Perhaps you'll remember the sounds of soggy footsteps... or the forced hospitality of an unsuspecting host, taken aback by the wet, giggling mess. And memories in hand, you'll realize a story is this… a matchbox… a smudged train pass… a blurry polaroid… a knick and a knack: the many unsuspecting return tickets to moments otherwise gone. Because we are all storytellers, chapters hidden under our noses, tucked away in boxes, waiting to be told.

In this simple truth, we found our inspiration — not for a story, but a book. A blank narrative, crafted with intention, to weave together our many chapters. A new approach to scrapbook design, created uniquely for the stories we tell.

The Stories We Tell Scrapbook

Different, by Design

Closed scrapbook with photos laying on top of cover

A place for each shutter snapped, each saved little scrap, and every story — our vision was this. It began with a pocket here for the small but significant. Then a journal page there to help you tell on. And why not a "frame" to play show-and-keep with your favorite prints? By thoughtfully including a diversity of prompts, we built an interactive scrapbook meant to make permanence a practice. Because a blank canvas can be daunting, when sometimes all we need is a gentle nudge.

These prompts are yours to fill as you see fit — sometimes through word, sometimes through photo, sometimes through a simple matchbox. Use them to capture the mundane. In them, celebrate the milestones. Reorganize the chapters to fit the your story. Nothing is set in stone.

Look Inside the Book

A Few of Our Favorite Pages

"Something That Brought..."

Photo of baby girl next to open scrapbook with writing inside

Joy. Nostalgia. Gratitude. Awe. These are pages for simple reminders — tying people, places, and moments to the sensations they spark within us. Just a small photo and a couple of lines... because it doesn't take much to return to the feeling.

"Good Things Inside"

Large envelope inside of scrapbook with wedding invitations on top

Memories take on many forms. This 9.25 x 12.375" envelope is a space to hold them close. Thoughtfully sourced with an eco-conscious lens, it is a sustainable means of sustaining your moments.

"Tell On"

Full-page journal entry in unique scrapbook design

The things we keep — as much of a story as they tell in themselves — are part of an ongoing conversation. We've included these long-form journal pages throughout our scrapbook design to continue the dialogue, for there is still much to tell.

Because Materials Matter

Scrapbook Design Made Sustainable

Scrapbook on table opened up to the title page

Just as one day we will hand down the stories in these pages, so too will we hand down their settings. We honor this symbolic exchange by sourcing the paper in our scrapbook with the utmost intention, working with three mills around the world to create a single book. Whether created from post-consumer fibers or using 100% renewable energy, the paper behind each page is FSC-certified, ensuring responsible and sustainable forest management — so that we may all, one day, tell on.

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