Photos? Check. Square Prints? Check. Now for displaying them in your home. We tested dozens of print display ideas – narrowing down our 8 favorites to share with you here. Whether you prefer minimalist decor or your forte is vibrant and eclectic, we've got print display hacks to suit your style. Ready, set...

Idea 1: Match, Made

Prints, meet your best match. Display your photos with our go-to print accessory, the Geo Rail. Crafted by our friends at YIELD, this substantial yet understated piece is the perfect addition to any design-lover's desk or shelf.

Idea 2: Create a Clip Display

Looking to switch up a shelf or countertop display? Line 'em up! Metal paper clips are the perfect stand for your Square Prints – just clip the bottom of the print and align the flat edge of the clip along your surface.

Idea 3: Mix & Match Collage

Take your desk decor to the next level with an assorted print display that's sure to peak interest. Here, we've included items like string, textured paper, Washi tape and clips to create an artful wall hanging.

Idea 4: Clip it, Clip it Good

Looking for a way to display one stand-alone print? Set a clipboard against a mantle or shelf and clip in a print for a look that speaks for itself.

Idea 5: Utilize Accent Tape

Patterned or colored art tape is a no-fuss way to add an element of design to your print display. We love a mix of copper, striped and silver Washi Tape, pictured here.

Idea 6: Make a Grid

Bare walls, be gone. Tape up a 5-by-5 photo grid that tells your best stories (plus, your walls will thank you for leaving them unmarked).

Idea 7: Give it Away

We've been long-time fans of including Square Prints in our gift wrapping (we've got a whole post about it HERE). Simply tape your print to the outside of your wrapped gift, and tie with string for a finishing touch.

Idea 8: Make it Monochrome

Black & white prints for the win – decorate a wall with your monochrome prints for a classic display. Tip for the overachiever: Order 25 Square Prints in one single color with varying shades, and create an ombré inspired display.

Ready to get started?