Our Team's Favorite Gifts

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01 & 02

Gifting for: your chosen family

Aslee • Senior Manager of Physical Product Innovation

Gifting: Hardcover Photo Book to college comrades

Our annual beach trips mark a tradition that we look forward to every year, taking space for ourselves and the formative female friendships created since college. Compiling decades worth of memories in one photo book is the perfect way to honor our ten-year anniversary of travel together.

Amy • VP of Finance + Strategy

Gifting: Color Series Photo Book to her daughter’s nanny

I create an annual photo book of memories of our nanny and kiddos with the photos captured through the year. With the list of to-do’s growing during this time of the season, I love how quick and easy this is to put together –– the book comprised of photos pulled directly from my phone on our shared album. The kids love to peek through when they spend time together - doubling as a treat for them, too!

03 & 04 & 05

Gifting for: those daily day-makers

Rhett • Data Analyst

Gifting: Color Series Photo Book for flatmates turned forever friends

When I moved into my apartment last year I’d have been happy to co-exist in a space with just about anyone. To my surprise, when I stepped into my new home I also said hello to what’s now some of my most valued friendships. We’ve had countless memories made in the last year –– a color series photo book for the house of that time we went skydiving not only doubles as decor but also gives a reminder to the good times we’ve had – and a nod of what’s to come.

Morgan K • Senior Marketing Manager

Gifting: Scallop Tabletop Frame for sister

I saw how playful this frame was and immediately knew it deserved a spot in my sister’s studio apartment –– it brings a spot of sunshine to any room, just like her.

Khint • Customer Experience Team

Gifting: Brass Easel & Calendar for colleagues

Surprising my desk mate with a Brass Easel & Calendar is a no-brainer: it serves the function of a tableside calendar and sentiment of a personalized item in one fell swoop –– a gift-giving home run.

06 & 07 & 08

Gifting for: multi-generational bonds

Kira • Director of Operations

Gifting: Baby Board Book for my son

I couldn’t ask for a better toddler-proof present – the Board Book houses thick pages that are easily durable and easy to turn for eager two-year-old hands! An ode to his adoration of animals, I've created an A to Z book of all of his favorite toys and furry friends! He loves looking at pictures of his favorite things.

Morgan H • Ambassador & Community Manager

Gifting: Photo-Wrapped Layflat Album for my parents

My brothers and I share an affection for all things film photography and the ability to capture a fleeting moment in time, so before our family excursion west, we loaded up on provisions to meaningfully document this special trip with my parents in mind. The trip to Jackson Hole was the first in a few years, and each photo – whether posed or in passing – will be treasured for years to come. We opted for the Photo Wrapped Layflat as a home for these keepsakes: from the cover of the iconic Tetons to each double page spread perfectly capturing our (many) film rolls, we know this is a gift my parents (and entire family) will cherish for years to come.

Lauren • Senior Graphic Designer

Gifting: Hardcover Photo Book for Grandmother-In-Law

My husband's family has had a lakefront cabin in Oklahoma for many years and the last time we all cozied up on a rare rainy day, I uncovered boxes filled to the brim of old photos from decades past. I snuck away to take photos of these archival prints and plan to curate them in a modern hardcover book – peppered with new photos and memories to create a true time capsule of this special place. I am gifting a copy of the book to my husband's grandma as well and I can't wait to see her reaction.

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