Ideas for Printing your Instagram Photos

Words and images by Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange

We're all guilty of it — getting wrapped up in the snap and share cycle of all things digital. After a while our images get hidden away in the eternal scroll of Instagram. Though they will always be floating out in the internet, how do we make these photos last longer? We sat down with Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange to see how she's incorporated her Instagram photos into her home.

As humans, we are always creating memories that we want to hold onto. In a digital world, we have to become intentional about creating tangibility in our lives. Artifact Uprising makes it beyond easy to bring your Instagram images to life using both their desktop editor and their iPhone App. Both platforms make it simple to connect to your Instagram feed and create products such as their Square Prints and Instagram Frames. It's as easy as creating an account, selecting a product, and logging into your Instagram. For a busy mom, having a quick way to access my photos, makes all the difference when it comes time to print my Instagram images.

Artifact Uprising has made creating your projects a breeze — but, how do you incorporate your printed images into your space? Bringing your photos into your home will not only be rewarding, but also bring variety and color into your decor.

Highlighted below are four simple ways to bring home your favorite Instagram photos.

The Home Office

As a part of my job as a photographer and blogger, I'm always looking for new sources of inspiration. However, if I spend too much time at my desk, in front of my computer, I will lose my inspiration. I have tried to create a minimal and bright workspace so that when the hours grow long, I still feel inspired. What I love about the Everyday Print Set is that I can switch out images to bring me fresh inspiration, no matter what season we are in. Sometimes, if I'm having a hard morning leaving my son while I go to work, I just need to remember the beautiful moments we shared together. No matter what I am feeling that day, I can choose a different image to motivate me to tackle my to-do list.

The Living Room

We are pretty obsessed with the varying sizes of the Instagram Friendly Frames in our house. They are easy to hang and fun to organize on your wall in a simple gallery wall style. Placing them over a frequented seating area allows us to revisit those moments often. I recommend choosing three images in a similar color palette, but varying in content from travel, human interaction, or favorite nature scene to create a great narrative. I find it is easiest to make the images connect if they either were taken on the same trip, or capture several moments that took place back-to-back.

There are multiple places that you can display your Instagrams in your living room. In addition to the walls, I enjoy creating sets of Instagram Friendly Books to leave on a coffee or side table. This way they can be shared in real life with your family and friends. I love organizing my books by breaking them into seasons. Typically, it is easy to find enough images from each season to give a great overview of the moments that were shared. Plus, it is fun to look back and compare season to season.

Bookcases & Shelves

Sometimes, it's hard to know what to do with shelves and tops of bookcases or credenzas. I love using the Square Prints in a Walnut Print Stand and placing them alongside a favorite candle, plant, and books. As the seasons shift, you can easily switch out the prints. It is a fun way to bring a story into your home and make it feel special.

While we are used to sharing everything digitally, bringing those everyday moments into our life through print can easily bring inspiration, purpose, and beauty to our lives and homes. All of these products are designed to make that transition from digital to print easy and seamless. The best part? Scrolling through your Instagram feed and realizing your photos will now live on.

Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange

Megan Gilger is the Creative Director and Blogger behind The Fresh Exchange, a lifestyle blog focused on living an intentionally seasonal life. Megan and her husband, Mike spend their days creating content together for their blog on the shore of Lake Michigan in Traverse City, Michigan. Together they have a 1-year-old son and two dogs. They believe in living simply in order to have a life full of passion and creativity.

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