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We love what we do – showing up every day to build things that matter. We're looking for people who share our same passion for the place where creativity, innovation and authenticity meet.


We choose – every day – to put creativity at the core of what we do. We believe ideas are everything and welcome them from every member of the team. We're not here to focus on what's already been done – we're here to find a better way.


We strive to always manifest the values for which the company was founded on. We believe that success and kindness go together. Our core beliefs, our community and our employees are at the center of what we do. There are no mistakes, only progress. Regardless of position or title, we all have something to learn.


We're looking for people that want to be a key contributor to the early success of a growing company – a part of the family. You thrive on the idea of working in an environment where every idea counts, and you are excited and willing to adapt to quickly shifting opportunities. You want to work for a company you believe in.


Creativity best happens when you make space for it in your life. So while we work hard, we encourage our team to take care of themselves, leave work on time and take (real) breaks. We've found that when you love your life, you arrive to your day with a smile and a readiness to make things happen. We provide ample paid time off for taking care of family or for getting out in the Colorado woods.


We offer health, vision and dental insurance for our full-time employees and their families. Other perks include a flexible vacation policy, parental leave, free lunches in the office, gym reimbursement, 401(k) plan and commuter benefits.


We are a small company with big ideas - and we recognize it will take every last one of us to reinvent the way brands approach business. We believe a good workplace empowers its team to rise to new challenges, expand their skill sets and think outside of the box. Through this, we foster a company culture that is always growing, always reaching, and always looking to see things differently.

Open Positions

Acquisition Manager

You are the growth engine of Artifact Uprising. You dream of ways to turn one dollar into three through countless renditions of placing, testing, tweaking, and optimizing in the digital world. You know who Matt Cutts is, what PLA, PPC, SEO, CPM and CPA mean, and that we live and die through increased LTV. You managed 7 figure marketing budgets, but personally are looking for the company that you can help lead to the next level of digital marketing.     We are looking for an Acquisition Manager with extensive hands-on e-commerce digital marketing experience to help us reinvent e-commerce and build a first-in-class acquisition marketing team. You will work with our VP of Marketing to develop and implement strategies to drive new customer acquisition as well as the analytics and tactics behind them. You and your team will also work closely with the Marketing Director and Retention Marketing Manager to leverage creative concepts and content, developing a new and innovative blend of content and commerce to push into the digital landscape from start to finish. 

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Customer Experience Coordinator

You are hard-working and resourceful, and have the gift of unwavering positivity. You like to solve problems, and solve them quickly. You want to be instrumental in moving the voice and vision of our company forward. You value efficiency, humility, and connectedness to the world around you. You believe that taking the time to make someone’s day is a meaningful mission.   As a Customer Experience Coordinator, you will act as a liaison between Artifact Uprising and our amazing community pertaining to product creation, service information, and the swift resolution of any product or service issues. You will report to our Customer Experience Supervisor and will serve as a primary executor of all things customer support alongside your team. We strive to connect and collaborate with the customers that we serve in order to create meaningful and long-lasting relationships. We work as a tightly-woven team, banding together to work hard and have fun while doing it.

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Data & Analytics Manager

You are the intelligence and insights engine of Artifact Uprising. You can turn spreadsheets and numbers into stories that illuminate key business opportunities. You love SQL, dashboards, KPI’s, p-values and you get excited about helping the team find key insights that drive the business forward. A poorly constructed A/B test is your worst nightmare. You managed large scale analytics platforms, but personally are looking for the company that you can help lead to the next level of insights, reporting and strategy.     We are looking for a Data & Analytics Manager with extensive hands-on e-commerce analytics experience to help us reinvent e-commerce and build a first-in-class analytics team. You will work directly with our CEO to develop and implement analytics frameworks, reporting and tests to drive new customer acquisition as well customer retention. You will also work closely with the leadership team to partner on creating strategies to move the needle and continue our path of hyper growth. 

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Physical Product Designer

You see in typeface and tones – making art of everything. Minimalism is your middle name. You believe in craft and quality – no detail is too small. We are looking for a Designer with a passion for creating and designing physical products. With refined taste and an eye for the emerging trends, you will design within an established identity while pushing the brand forward. As part of the Product Development Team, your role will be to actualize thoughtfully designed physical products such as photo books, holiday cards, photo displays and gifts that bring to life an exceptional brand experience. You will think conceptually and create relentlessly with a passion, detail, and dedication to the craft.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. Dedicated to honoring that which is meaningful. Driven by the belief everyone has a story to tell. Tell on.