Head of Growth

We are Artifact Uprising, an aggressive growth company focused on superior quality, technology, and elevated design. We are redefining the way a new generation of consumer brings their photos off their device and into their life. Our products have been featured and used by Oprah, Brene Brown, Joy Cho, Goop, Vogue and In Style. But we are just getting started. We attribute our success to a workplace that empowers its people to tackle tough problems, move fast and think outside of the box. Through this, we foster a company culture that is always growing, always reaching, and always looking to see things differently.

Although we’re already an Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, we are searching for a Head of Growth to take us to the top 500 of this list. If this role is for you, you’ve dreamed of the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and take a profitable, growing company from eight to nine figures in revenue (in the next 3 years). You see 40%, 50% or 60% YOY growth rates as an amazing opportunity to test creative ideas in both marketing and physical product. You love developing a cohesive go-to-market strategy for new product launches, establish brand-based campaigns leveraging PR and influencers, testing new marketing channels and driving the integrated growth strategy that weaves them all together. You know that iteration, testing, and evaluating is the key to great strategy and believe that marketing can be done both aggressively and profitably. You’re inspired by the brand pillars and creative messaging that make up the brand experience. You believe that the foundation of good design to communicate visually with your target audience is essential. Fueled by data and analytics, you have strong expertise with LTV to CAC ratios as well as attribution models. You also can equally speak to into customer personas, tent pole campaign strategies, and new product market opportunity sizing.  You help polish your teams approach as they hunt for places to spend their expanding seven to eight-figure marketing budget. Your one on ones with your team leads are spent helping them polish their ideas and brainstorming sessions where you’re dreaming and whiteboarding about the strategy for next quarter and beyond.

Although not directly underneath your leadership, you love getting involved with conversion rate optimization and digital product development, as you know it will lead to high impact multichannel campaigns that drive user acquisition, engagement, product adoption, and retention. This partnership with the product team allows you to mix both your analytical and creative talents.

Finally, you know your job is done when Artifact Uprising is a household name with innovative products you see regularly in your friends and colleagues homes.  

About You

  • You have 20+ years of being intimately involved with e-commerce companies.
  • You’ve led teams of 15+ members to new performance levels in an evolving company.
  • You are an advocate for innovation and understand how to develop a vision that motivates your team and the company at large.  
  • You’ve led the marketing, creative, and growth functions for a consumer-facing, e-commerce brand in high-growth mode and have experience with optimizing organizational structures to unlock efficiencies.
  • You have prior experience developing and executing both short and long term growth strategies that resulted in both aggressive 12 month trajectory changes as well as 3 year sustained growth rate increases.
  • You have specific examples of generating, executing, and scaling novel strategies to drive high-quality customer acquisition.
  • You’ve worked hands-on in a broad range of marketing functional roles including brand management, digital marketing, demand generation, product go-to-market strategies, marketing research and analytics.
  • You know how to measure the above strategies using effective KPI’s and set ambitious goals accordingly.
  • You’re an expert at collaborating with creative teams and can speak to the value of design and the strategic and financial impact it has on a brand and business.
  • You know how to create and align cross-functional teams around brand strategies and common goals.
  • You’ve helped develop long-term physical product strategies to drive both revenue and overall brand evolution.
  • You are inspired by our product line and have endless ideas around how to expand both the offering and distribution strategy.
  • You have extensive experience working with engineering and product teams to achieve product enhancements under tight deadlines.
  • You’ve developed a network of high performers who would jump at the chance to work with you again - and you are ready to call them.
Artifact Uprising® is a Colorado-based company that creates premium quality, customizable photo goods for your digital photos. Driven by the belief that everyone has a story to tell, the company is known for elevated design and thoughtfully sourced materials. Signature products include the Layflat Album touting ultra-thick pages and foil-stamped covers, textured matte Everyday Prints, and a line of customizable frames.
Job Perks
Health, vision and dental insurance for families, flexible vacation policy, gym reimbursement, 401(k) matching plan and commuter benefits.
Why Artifact Uprising?
Creative Freedom
We value the creative process and look to our employees to speak into Artifact Uprising products, identity and approach – regardless of position or title. We look for driven people who demonstrate initiative to take the company to the next level.
The Working Life
We strive to create a workplace where everyone works hard but also has the flexibility and balance to enjoy life outside of the office.
It Won’t Be Boring
We are a small company with big ideas - and we recognize it will take every last one of us to reinvent the way brands approach business. We believe a good workplace empowers its team to rise to new challenges, expand their skill sets and think outside of the box. Through this, we foster a company culture that is always growing, always reaching, and always looking to see things differently.
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