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What is the best browser to use for your editor?

We recommend designing using Firefox for the best user experience.

How do I use the online project designer?

For a quick online project designer software tutorial – check out our vimeo page at We promise this is the fastest, easiest way for us to show you the necessary skills you’ll need to get on your way.

How do I make a book product/project?

Select to start your project via any of the product ordering pages. If you are designing a book, you will need to select your cover design prior to entering the online project designer. You cannot chose a different cover once you are in the designer. After selecting the cover of your book (if applicable), start designing your project by selecting images to go in the page layout spots or select a new page layout of your choice under the tab “page layouts”.
Once you are happy with the design click on order and your product is added to a shopping cart. Once payment is made - your product will be produced in approximately 8 business days. It will then ship to you - so allow an additional 4-5 days for shipping on the generous side. For our wooden boxes, please allow 10 production days and 4-5 days for shipping.
All items in the shopping cart may be saved and edited later, so no need to worry about losing your design if you run out of time in one sitting. As long as you log in and access your shopping cart (simply click My Account on the upper menu on any page once logged in) you can always modify a design before placing your order.

Can I use my Ipad to create my product?

You bet! We are ipad and tablet friendly. You can use your photos from facebook and design right on your ipad – eliminating any need for your trusty computer if you really want. Unfortunately, you can not use our flash uploader from your ipad - so you will need to upload your photos from a computer - or access via your facebook account.

What are your customer service hours?

Currently, as our business grows and we are limited in resources, our customer service hours are from 10am to 2pm MST Monday through Friday.

Where can I see examples of how others have designed their projects?

The Idea Gallery is a great place to see photos of books and other products. You can also visit our blog to see more examples of products.

What is the recycled paper in your book pages like?

The interior printed pages of our books use 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) material. To the naked eye – you would most likely not see a difference between this paper and any other paper. However, because this paper is made of 100% PCW - there are small fibers that can show up in the paper and we have no control over this. While barely visible – we see these tiny fibers as beauty marks of a better choice for the environment. Please understand that we cannot make refunds for the inherent properties of this paper. To see a close up photo of this paper – please visit the idea gallery.

How do I add text to my project?

Click the “add text” button on the upper left-hand side. To edit the text, hit the “+” button. A text box will appear where you can edit the text. To change font, font size, color or justification – simply do this in the text box designer and then hit save.

How do I edit text within the designer?

To edit the text, hit the “+” button. A text box will appear where you can edit the text. To change font, font size, color or justification – simply do this in the text box designer and then hit save.

What is the “BACKGROUNDS” tab for?

The backgrounds tab can be used to change the page background color. To do so – simply click on the color of your choice and hit SAVE. You can also use an image as a background by using the galleries tab under backgrounds.

How do I rearrange or change the order of my pages?

Unfortunately at this time – the page order is fixed as you see the design. To change the orders of photos – you will need to manually redesign the spreads as you see fit. We know this isn’t perfect – and are working to make this more user friendly.

How do I add or remove a page?

Simply hit the “+ add” or “- remove” button in the lower right hand corner below the save button. All books have a minimum and maximum number of pages that vary per product - so if the button is not responding - it is likely you have reached that product's minimum or maximum number of pages.

Can I create a spread with a single image across both pages?

Unfortunately, no. This feature is coming soon though.

How do I move my image within the page layout boxes?

To move your image to the desired crop – click on the image box you are trying to crop. Then click on the cropping icon on the right-hand side between the plus and minus sign. Then use your cursor to move the image to its desired spot.

How do I change a page layout?

Click on the page layouts tab and simply drag a new layout over the existing layout.

How does the autofill function work?

Autofill will load your images chronologically into your project. Once your book has been autofilled - you can review it and make changes to layouts as they best fit images if need be.

Can I change the size of my book after I've created it?

You can change the number of pages within your book by adding or removing pages with the ADD and REMOVE buttons in the lower right-hand corner. You cannot change your fabric, dust jacket or maxiumum or minimum number of pages once you've selected your product.

Can I change the dust jacket style after I've started my design?

No. If you want to change your cover jacket style from partial to full / vice versa – you need to start a new project. If you want to change the image and text design of your cover jacket – you can manually recreate a design – but cannot select from templated options once you’ve started your project. If you want to use a different templated cover design – you need to start a new project.

Can I change the fabric / cover material of my book after I've started my design?

No. You need to select the correct fabric / cover material prior to starting your design.

How do I upload my photos to the site?

To upload your images it is recommended you create a gallery under the My Gallery tab at the upper right-hand side of this web page. You can also upload images from inside of the online designer by clicking on the “images” tab and then clicking on the camera icon “upload”.

What format should my files be in?

Please upload sRGB files. If you don't know what this means...then your files are most likely already in that mode. Please do not upload CMYK or AdobeRGB files as they will not print well.

What is the best way to prepare my images to build a photo book or other project?

The best way to prepare to make a book in the fastest manner possible is to pre-select approximately 1-2 images per page planned for the book (ex: 100 images for a 50 page book) and have them ready in a separate folder for you to upload. Create a new gallery under the “My Gallery” tab and let the images upload while you go off to work, to bed, you name it…and then return later to start designing your book. You can upload images at any point within a 14 day window of creating your project to guarantee that they’ll be available for your project.

Image Uploading Tips

We are unable to upload files larger than 5mb in size. Organize your images into folders before upload, this will help save time searching for image online after. If the upload stops due to an intermittent internet connection, take note of what image was uploading in the dialog box, click X (cancel) and restart the upload process from that image. If your files are larger than 5mb in size, we recommend resizing to approximately 8x11 inches at 300dpi and then uploaded those resized images.

Why is it taking time to upload my images?

The upload time for your images varies greatly and is most dependent on your Internet Service Providers (ISP) upload speeds. Remember many ISP's have a much slower upload speed than download speed. Our image servers support uploads up to 100/mb/sec which in most cases is more than 500 times the speed of an internet connection to guarantee the fastest uploads to all users.

Where can I upload photos from?

You can upload photos from folders on your tablet or computer. You can also use images that you've uploaded to galleries on our site.

How many images can I upload?

There is no maximum limit to the number of images you can store in your gallery for project use. Our online storage policy outlines additional usage permissions.

How long are my images available in “MY GALLERY”?

Your images are available for 14 days from the creation of the gallery or 14 days from the last time you worked on your saved project. If your account has not been accessed within the 14 day period – the images in the gallery will be deleted along with the project.

How do I know if my photos will print clearly?

Our online project designer will warn you with a hazard sign if we think the photo is insufficient to print at the size selected in your page layout. Recommended photo resolution is in large jpg format at 300 dpi. Please note that many images taken with your smartphone or other device – or pulled from your facebook account may be flagged as insufficient for print. Images with resolution warnings will be printed if not removed – use at your own risk and artistic discretion. Selecting a smaller sized book or smaller image placement holders will often resolve a resolution issue.

Will photos I take on my phone print ok?

If you are anything like us – you take a lot of photos on your smartphone. Our experience to date is that these images actually print sufficiently despite resolution warnings. If you are unsure about your device – we recommend using smaller image boxes in your designs versus full page spreads. We cannot guarantee the printing quality of your device’s photos or offer a refund if you are disappointed in the printing quality of these photos. If the images look blurry or pixilated in the project designer – they will likely print the same way.

Do I have to register?

You are required to register to upload images to you’re My Gallery page and or to save products to come back and edit later under your My Account page. You can register on the site by clicking on the “My Account” tab.

Can I save a project design and come back later?

Yes, you can return to your saved project at a later time. However, please note that if your project is not used within a 14 day period – the images and project will be deleted from our servers – this policy is to help keep costs down for all of our customers using our system. To access your saved project – simply log in to your “My Account” page to view your current projects and select the edit icon to begin working on your project again.

Can I share my book design with others?

Yes. You can share your book design on a variety of social media sites by clicking on the “Share Project” icon under your “My Account” page.

Can I make changes to a book or product after I've place my order?

Unfortunately, we are not able to change or edit the content of your book or product once it has been ordered. Please use care before confirming your order to make certain everything is selected and designed as you’d like. If you need to cancel your order – you have one hour from the time you receive your order confirmation to do so. If you need to contact us immediately - email or call 1.888.833.5312

Can I upload my own PDF to print?

Currently, you cannot upload a custom PDF to our system.

What is your return policy?

Artifact Uprising stands behind the products we create. If you are not happy with the quality of your order or believe your product has a manufacturing defect or damage – please contact us so we can make things right. To begin the exchange or return authorization process, you must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. Dependent upon the defective issue with your product, we will request you to ship the book back or provide photographic proof of the production error or shipping damage. You may opt for replacement of merchandise, credit on a future order or a full refund. Do not reorder through the system as your card will be charged.
Should your order be damaged in shipping, please keep the original packaging as it will need ed to issue a full refund.
Artifact Uprising creates custom one-of-a-kind products that are custom designed by you. Due to the custom nature of these products, we are unable to refund your order for customer created errors, including but not limited to:
  • - Typos and misspellings, poor image quality or low resolution, layout errors and missing images, blank pages or mistakes in product design, content quality, product selection mistakes ( ie. product size, style or cover choices) or color differences between your home computer and our professionally calibrated printing systems

If you should need to cancel your order for any reason, please contact us within one (1) hour of receiving your order confirmation email. Past this time – we cannot refund or cancel orders. Please note, we cannot make changes to your design once it has been ordered . You will need to cancel your order if you need to make additional changes and place a new order.
Artifact Uprising cannot provide refunds or exchanges due to damaged caused by customer handling, storage or treatment.
To ensure an easy return process, please send us an email at including your order number and photo of defect or shipping damage. Please allow 1-2 business days for our team to be in touch with you.

How do I redeem a coupon / promotional code?

To redeem your order code – you MUST enter the coupon/promotional code on the shopping cart screen prior to placing your card information in the coupon code field in the lower left-hand corner. The discounted rate will be reflected prior to checking out. We cannot honor discount codes after the final order has been placed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Sorry no cash or checks.

I Haven't received an order confirmation - what should I do?

If you have not received an order confirmation – then it is likely your order has not gone through. Please contact us to assist you. If you have a gmail account - check your spam as our order and shipping confirmations often end up there. We are working on having gmail like us more!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. You have one hour from receipt of your order confirmation email to cancel your order. To cancel your order – you need to send an email to or call 1 888 833 5312 during business hours and we will assist you with your order cancellation.

I have already ordered my book and would like to order an additional copy of my book - is this possible?

Completed projects remain on file for 14 days under your “My Account” page. If you recently ordered your project in the past 14 days – log on to your account to access the saved project and complete the ordering process just as you did last time. If it has been longer than 14 days and you don't see your project on your "My Account" page – we may still be able to access your original project and place an additional copy order for you. Simply call us at 1.888.833.5312 and we will help make this happen!

Can I place a bulk or high volume order at a discount?

For full details on volume orders, refer to the For Pros section at the bottom of this site. We are able to offer discounts of 20% off retail for high quantity orders.

What is your gift certificate policy?

Gift certificates are redeemable online at Gift certificates expire one year from issue date. Purchasers of the gift certificate will receive a printable pdf with the product redemption code within two (2) business days of purchase.

Gift certificates are issued for a specific product and are non-transferable to other products. If total amount is greater than the amount of the gift certificate, remaining balance must be paid for via credit card. Shipping costs are in addition and will be charged at checkout. A balance will not carry over for any unused amount. Sales tax, where applicable will be applied at the time of redemption. We are unable to reissue gift certificates that have been lost or stolen without proper proof of purchase, so make sure to tuck this information in a safe little spot.

Artifact Uprising reserves the right to cancel or hold gift certificate orders for suspected fraud or for other violations of our terms and conditions.

If you return product originally purchased with a gift certificate, a new product redemption code will be issued. There is no cash value in the event of a return.

Can I change the shipping address after I place my order?

Yes. Please call us at 1 888 833 5312 to make a change to your shipping address as soon as possible. It is advised that you call within 12 hours of placing your order as we cannot make changes once the package has shipped.

What are my USA shipping options?

To maintain our high quality standards, it will take 8 business days for your hardcover book or wooden box to be produced. All Softcover books, calendars, square print sets and wood block + prints take no more than 3 business days to produce. Please note that shipment of your order begins after this production time. Most orders will be completed and on your doorstep within 12 business days or faster. At this time all hardcovers and wooden boxes ship via Fedex Ground service. This is a guaranteed 3-5 day delivery. For all other products - you can choose between Standard shipping (via USPS) or Fedex Ground. All of our shipping methods offer tracking - however, please note that the Standard USPS is not a guaranteed service and service times to deliver vary from 3 to 10 or more days. Please see the SHIPPING tab under "HELP" above for additional details.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes. We can ship to PO Boxes via the US Postal Service. However, if you select a Fedex Ground method - please make sure to provide a physical shipping address as Fedex cannot make deliveries to PO Boxes.

How long will it take for my products to ship?

Shipping times are in addition to production times. Please allow 3 business days for all products other than wood boxes and hardcover books. Please allow 8 business days for production of hardcover books and wooden boxes.

All hardcover books and wooden boxes ship via Fedex Ground. This is a guaranteed delivery within 3-5 business days.

Please see our shipping page under the "HELP" tab above for complete shipping information.

What are your USA shipping and handling rates?

The rates are as follows:

Softcover 5.5x5.5 - $6.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground
Softcover 6x8, 8x6 - $7.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground
Softcover 8.5x8.5, 11x8.25 and 8.25x11 - $9.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground
All Hardcover Books - $12.99 Fedex Ground
Wood Calendar - $7.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground
Square Print Set - $7.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground
Wood Block + Prints - $7.99 USPS, $12.99 Fedex Ground

Please see shipping page in HELP tab above for a chart of complete shipping options.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We ship internationally via FedEx International Priority Service. Here’s what you need to know about our international shipping options. We hope to be as transparent and helpful as possible.

All orders are shipped internationally via FedEx International Priority.

Approximate ship time: 5 days (this is in addition to our standard 8 day production times)

Please note you will be responsible for any import duties and taxes. These vary country by country.

It is to your benefit to bulk your orders together into one cart order - grouped orders will be far cheaper to ship (ex: We ran some test orders to lend examples of shipping costs: To ship a hardcover photo book to Canada, it costs approximately $28. To ship 6 hardcover books to Canada, it costs $33. As you can see, the bulk order is much more economical. To our Australian friends, our test shipment showed up at $68 for a hardcover photo book. This will, of course, vary based on location. Again – to order 6 of that same book the shipping cost jumped up to $80.)


What is your privacy policy?

See privacy policy link below for additional information.

What are your terms and conditions of this site?

See terms link below for additional information.

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